Ford Fiesta

Gear: Automatic

Engine: 1.6

Fuel type: Gasoline

Number of passengers: 5

Availability of air conditioner: Yes

Deposit: 400 USD


From 18$ a day


Ford Fiesta for rent without driver in Lviv

Ford Fiesta – ront-wheel drive sedan of the class “B”. The sixth-generation Fiesta car debuted at the Sao Paulo Motor Show in October 2012. In terms of design, the Fiesta sedan is little different from the hatchback of the same name. Unless, of course, the stern, where the luggage compartment of 455 liters took its place – and this is important when in Lviv it is urgent to rent a Ford Fiesta. There are additional compartments for the little things in addition. To increase the space, the backrest is folded apart.

The Ford Fiesta has a front-wheel drive, independent front suspension and a semi-independent rear. The good thing about the Fiesta is its power steering, which is not only a sharper steering wheel, but also a good help in fuel economy, because unlike a power steering, it only comes into operation when needed. This car is the leader in car rental in the world and in Lviv!

When you order a Ford Fiesta rental, you get a car that, despite its modest size, guarantees you a sufficient level of comfort. The cabin is air-conditioned. Smooth and fast braking guarantees safety and comfort.

In Fiesta original interior design, thoughtful ergonomics and quality materials.

Renting a Ford Fiesta in Lviv will give you a smooth ride on any road with excellent suspension.

We offer clients who rent a Ford Fiesta in Lviv for a term of 3 days, such a service option, in which they do not make a deposit. To do this, the driver must meet the following requirements:

Contact us to order your Ford Fiesta rental option.

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