Mitsubishi Outlander

Gear: Automatic

Engine: 2.0 L

Fuel type: Gasoline

Number of passengers: 5

Availability of air conditioner: Yes

Deposit: 800 EUR


From 40€ a day


If you are looking for an SUV with the ability at any time to go on a difficult stretch of track, pay attention to Outlander. With a four-cylinder engine, two all-wheel drive systems and a set of modern safety systems, the SUV proves its competence.

One hundred percent ability to cope with the vagaries of off-road, generous in equipping the interior and an excellent guarantee, there is hardly much to argue with.

All power is distributed by the variator, thanks to which the car has excellent acceleration from standstill and fuel economy.

The SUV received one of the best variators. Economical, quiet and with good feedback, it squeezes every drop of power from a four-cylinder engine.

Interior materials are pleasant to the touch and look, the design is simple and clear, the interior is cozy.

SUV engine became 2.0 liter MIVEC four-cylinder 145hp. Supplemented variator it accelerates for 11.1 seconds. Fuel consumption is at a level of 7.3 l/100 km in the combined cycle. With the all wheel-drive system component acceleration increases up to 11.7 seconds, and fuel consumption to 7.7 l/100 km.

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