Skoda Octavia A7

Gear: Automatic

Engine: 1.4

Fuel type: Gasoline

Number of passengers: 5

Availability of air conditioner: Yes

Deposit: 500 EUR


From 30€ a day


5-door Class «C» liftback. Restyling version of the third generation of the Octavia A7.

The restyling version of Skoda Octavia has got a new head optics, which is now the main highlight of the appearance of the liftback.

Spacious interior and spacious trunk. By the way, the luggage compartment is 568 liters, and when folding back seats increases to 1558 liters. Even if you do not fold the back of the back seats there you can put four wheels. There is plenty of room for the driver as well as the front and rear seated passengers.

Of course, this is not a premium car, but everything is done to a high standard, nothing annoying, all the controls are in place.

Still, the turbocharged engine 1.4 bribes with its endurance and dynamics. Power  — 150 horsepower. Acceleration to the hundred takes 8.2 seconds, and the top speed is 219 km/h. There is a power reserve and it is not terrible to overtaking the car.

Consumption of gasoline is about 7.7 liters per 100 km of road in mixed mode, along the route — 5,5 l.

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