Subaru Forester

Gear: Automatic

Engine: 2.4 L

Fuel type: Gasoline

Number of passengers: 5

Availability of air conditioner: Yes

Deposit: 700 EUR


From 35€ a day


This is one of the few cars that I want to say that it is simple and reliable as an iPhone. Here is nothing superfluous and incomprehensible in it, everything is in its place. The best option for a trip to the mountains, because the car is all-wheel drive also.

Fuel consumption is hesitates from 5 liters/100 km (Highway, speed 80 km/h., engine speed – 1200 rpm. with climate enabled) and up to 11 liters in the city. When overtaking, the car behaves just fine at a speed!

In general, the Subaru Forester is a very driver’s car, in which you constantly wants to drive! It enters corners easily, almost without banks at speed, which allows you to enter a corner faster than some sedans.

The engine and the variator in pairs work perfectly

A separate story with the luggage compartment, for some it is small…, for some it is big…, but we say so – It is sufficient for everyday use.

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