Rental car with option to purchase

Оренда авто з правом викупу

Alin company has created the conditions for a profitable, safe and convenient car purchase. You can rent any car from us and buy it with installments up to 12 months.

This is a relatively new service that is only gaining popularity. But Europeans already have managed to appreciate it: About 40% of cars in the EU are bought by private individuals using the “rent with option to purchase” service. Most often, the service is used in cases when the car is needed right now, but there is no way to pay its full cost.

You rent a car with the expectation that within a year it will become your property. We are conclude a contract to do this. You pay the rent price and monthly payment, stipulated in the agreement.

If your financial situation changes for the better and you want to buy a car ahead of schedule, you can do it quickly and without problems.

The main advantage of car rental with subsequent purchase over conventional car rentals is a simpler and faster design. When renting a car with a buyout, you do not need to provide a statement of income, you do not need to confirm an ideal credit history, etc.

The list of available cars can be found here.

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